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ChurchThe wounded soldier Ignatius, lying down on the hospital bed was enlightened while reading the Word of God. There he decided to dedicate his entire life for "the greater Glory of God". Ever since then, his life was a burning flame beaming forth the good news of Jesus Christ. He amassed an army called "Society of Jesus" for proclaiming that good news. Thus St. Ignatius became a chosen soldier of Christ in the church. Our Parish dedicated to the patronage of St. Ignatius, gratefully enumerates the choicest blessings bestowed on her through her patron's intercession.

The founder of Paladka Parish the Late Rev. Fr Salvadore D'Souza who mixed his sweat with his blood to build up the church is gratefully remembered. We pay our homage to him. The whole band of departed vicars and lay men and women who dedicated their precious years to build up the parish community of this church are fondly remembered and prayed for. May God grant them eternal rest.

Paladka Parish is ever indebted to her parish priests, sisters, parishioners both at home and abroad for their services to improve the faith life of the parish community.

May God grant us the strength to kindle the light of faith in our hearts to fondly remember all those who have sacrificed themselves for the progress of this parish, and to continue our mission in this parish with renewed strength and spirit.

To commemorate this great event we have brought out this website

An Appeal

An Appeal

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Latest News :
Hindu friends of Paladka done a 8 hours of hard labour(Shramadhan) on the 15th September towards St. Ignatius Loyola Church, regarding the Centenary Jubilee 2013
Women's association of Paladka had arranged a programme for mothers together with daughters on 9 September 2013 at Church hall, Paladka...
As usual on the 8th of September the faithful of Paladka celebrated the Festival of Nativity offering the Holy Eucharistic Mass...