We have the following items/projects as a part of church renovation work. We have not removed the main artistic wing and structure of the church. The proposed renovation work will strengthen the church and provide ample space for more than 1000 people inside the church. The people of Paladka, though poor have already contributed their money, energy and goodwill.

We appeal to all the Paladka faithful staying and working abroad to go through the following list and come out generously to complete our church renovation work before November and help us to celebrate the jubilee in a worthy manner. We pray for your intentions during the Mass. We invite you for our jubilee on 15th, 16th and 17th December 2013.

Items/Projects Amount Donors
Sanctuary/Altar ceiling, granite flooring and re-plastering 6,00,000 Mrs. Martina Aranha and Fly.
Holy Cross Ward
Church granite flooring 10,00,000 Mr. Alfred Rita Sequiera,
Rosary Ward
Belfry 5,00,000 Mr. Vijay Olga D'Sa and Fly.
Rosary Ward
Adoration chapel 8,00,000 Mr. Walter Ephi D'Souza
Rosary Ward
Sounds 1,25,000 Paladkachi Zhar
Awaiting Donors
Front elevation and tower 5,00,000  
Church Electrification 2,00,000  
Church Painting 3,00,000  
Front Main Door 1,50,000  
Interlocks 5,00,000  
Food for 3 days celebration 3,00,000  
Mementos 1,00,000  
Lighting & Sounds for celebration 2,00,000  
Stage, Pendal and Chairs 2,00,000  



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